Poster Evening: The end is near!

The report is done and dusted, the poster printed ready for show.


I have had so much fun doing the poster is was a awesome come up especially after feeling so drained mentally, once  the report was  submitted. It was a really nice creative change to work with colour and pictures. I’m not sure if the poster completely outlines the projects journey, what it is for me is an expression of fun and lightheartedness. While  completing the poster I laughed, smiled and totally enjoyed myself. It has been a really fantastic way to complete my project especially after the desire to complete the report at a professional standard and at times feeling pressure of time constraints.

It is funny though how critical we are of our own work, I loved the creative journey of completing the poster, once the poster was completed and printed, I reflected on all the lines that weren’t right and spend last night analysing how I could of approached  it better and more professionally (great learning for next time).

Stairway to completion the end is near!

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discovering along the way

Yah!  report handed in what a journey of self-exploration.

Yesterday I made comment in class that “I felt I haven’t learnt enough”!

I seem to have formed a pattern this semester, every scheduled class contact time I go through a process of self-doubt, then I leave feeling elated. “Thank you fellow project students it’s been fabulous to feed off such great minds”!

After submitting the report and feeling like a train wreak I realised; I may not have learnt as much technical information as I had hoped for or completed the project to my satisfaction. I had actually come to the end of my report and completed it to a point that is gradable yah.

I then started reflecting on how far I had come in my learning that I haven’t reflected in my report. Read the rest of this entry

Final Destination: The end draws near!

Last week of finalizing the report.

I’m a little lost for words; to express the final chapter of this very interesting journey so far. It’s been one of great learning more so personally than academically. I have learnt a lot more about who I am, what being a part of a community or a team means to me.  I value how combined energy is uplifting and I’m inspired by others enthusiasm and experience. I’m still really excited about virtual worlds and how they are being integrated into the real world arena. I feel the day an Avatar can be present inside the real world board room, is a very exciting time for technology. I have spent my time throughout this degree admiring other individuals who all appear to be completely passionate about their direction. For me I have often felt directionless. I think I’m finding my purpose to work within the virtual platform. The future of visualization in information and technology is what excites me the most. After reading a research article quoted in my report about people over 40 years of age being more open to face to face communications, adolescent through to 40 years of age being more open to social media such as Facebook and Twitter for their communications and children up to the age of adolescence (our next generation) are embracing avatar communications they are the future of technology. It’s a future I see myself being a part of and it’s very exciting. Read the rest of this entry

‘Synergy’ The value of Community

This blog post is a personal reflection – it is just my personal view point on what understanding I have arrived at about communities throughout the journey of my project.

“I am singular; yet I am sufficiency more”!

  • One individual alone = the sum value of one person,
  • two individuals working together = the sum value of four,
  • four People working together = the sum value of eight,
  • eight people working together = the sum value of sixteen and so forth.

The value of community = existence of human survival! Most often our interpretation of life and our existence is defined by the ones around us. Read the rest of this entry

“In Hindsight …”!

Report proceeding slowly

I look back at all my documentation, evaluating and sorting through words on paper and wondering where to start. If only I had taken into account what Clare at said about writing everything down along the way. I did do this early on while gathering research and then started the development process and lost sight of what the true purpose of this project was about; researching and developing a community in a virtual environment and conducting it as an Information System (IS) project applying the Research Design Methodology.

I am slowly placing it all into a new document and taking little chunks at a time; working down the pages making sense of it all. I feel like I have writers block, everything is all fuzzy like a white mist and I cannot grab onto any substances matter.

This week the goal is to have the majority of the report completed and have my children’s grandma read through the document and feedback on grammar, substance and weather it makes sense.

Final Touches

A successful meeting with Alison yesterday. She is very happy with the progress to-date and the progress made since our last meeting.

Alison’s feed back was:

  • Excited with SANITI’s website and Facebook page being available through media on prim.
  • Likes the BBQ area for student, SANITI interaction and on going events – likes the idea of concerts and sports being streamed through video screen (media on a prim linked to website) set up in BBQ area.
  •  Enthusiastic about the conference centre being available for SANITI executives and Pilots to hold meetings and seminars in.

Future Development

  • Next three months to have virtual world ready for production  for students and SANITI team to access.
  • Final date for Project to completed end of January 2014
  • Meeting in January with Alison and all SANITI employees for in-world training – training to cover information on our to access and operate avatar in their virtual world and  set up equipment when having in-world events and meetings. Prepare documents (i.e. agenda and general information) to be accessible in-world displayed via media on a prim during execute and pilot meetings.   
  • To have flash video (about SANITI’s Virtual World and instructions on access and use) completed ready to place on SANITI’s Facebook page first school term 2014.    


It’s now time to put aside the community development in Kitely and concentrate on writing up the 1_001

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written any content or substance into my blog. I’ve been so focused on the development of my project I have let slide the written part. There has been so much activity, changes and updates it’s hard to know where to start.

I have completed the conference centre. The information centre is currently a shell and still requires more information for students accessing virtual environments for the first time, on:

  • What is an avatar?
  • What is Kitely?
  • How to become a member?

Meeting with SANITI Manager a success: Approval over Project development!

I have been developing and building the project in Kitely and happy with progress thus far. I had a meeting with Alison today who is happy with what is currently in-world with some questions raised.

Whats  the possibility of having:

Decor represented in the Saniti Colour ‘Green’?

BBQ area developed with music playing when students enter?

This is what SANITI is all about and identifiable to students.

Alison’s said when students were asked, what they want from the SANITI organisation there response was; ” A FunFriendly, Independent organisation”.

Promotion of SANITI’s Advocacy services. Promoted in-world, leading into discussions on how to promote all SANITI’s services and its independence?

Another Question raised was how will I promote the Kitely world so it is user friendly and has instructions available to students out-side of world especially for students accessing the ‘world’ for the first time. (Detailing information that quickly informs without over informing on how to access the world – set up a user (Avatar) and then download a viewer etch.


Yes definitely will create a BBQ area with music when Avatar/students enters area.

Have a big screen steaming music videos and sports game.

Have looked at the possibility of bill boards with information on them. SANITI are also looking at promotion through small movies clips another option to stream in-world to help promote SANITI’s services – another maybe to promote concerts and games and have students come in-world for group participation.

To action immediately:

BBQ area with music

Bill boards with promotional material

Ask Clare for advice on how to promote world and instructions for students before entering the world.

As I’m writing I’m thinking of creating movie clip and having available with instructions, unsure how or where – any ideas would be greatly received.


what does it mean to be a community in-world

This week I have spent time developing my conference center on Kitely. It has initiated a change of mindfulness from development to community awareness, security requirements and classifying the ultimate community goal and looking at SANITI;conference room_001

  • the customer,
  • the students,
  • the stakeholders,
  • the entirety.

Previously the sum of the equation had not been a focus point only the influence of its parts in its construction. The community has a whole entity and how it will continue functioning in the virtual world. The awareness of also establishing a user-friendly space, protocols and ease of access for new comers to the virtual world arena. What networks are associated with the community? What is the best way to implement communications in-world and how to transmit messages in and out, via groups and individuals and networks? What is required and how will they be implemented.  Information shared so all or only appropriate users can have access to certain or all information. What are the security requirements to allow the community to function without problems or misunderstandings so all that use the space can have the ultimate experience and their needs are meet. Read the rest of this entry

A little off focus

Today was D-day for my second milestone.  The completion of stage two, which ‘oops’ I have not completed. Last week a mental block occurred around completing stage two. I struggled to formulate  all the information I had researched  about virtual environments and design requirements.

Instead of staring blankly at the screen for a week and getting lost in the written words dancing around on the paper and screen, I decided to better use my time and start building. I needed a creative week it helped a lot to start seeing what the community is about and what I need to establish in-world to make it work. Read the rest of this entry